Premier America Credit Union Routing Number

Premier America’s Routing Number is 322283990. Use it for:

Making online and phone payments with your account
  • ​Note: To find your full account number:
    • Sign in to Online Banking.
    • From the Home menu, select an Account
    • Click on 'Details and Settings' to find your Account Number (it will be listed under MICR)
Setting up direct deposit​
  • Use the routing number (322283990) along with your Premier America Credit Union checking or savings account number rather than your Member Number.*
Scheduling Automatic ACH Debits or Deposits
  • The routing number (322283990) is required, along with your checking or savings account number rather than your Member Number.*
  • The routing/ABA number (322283990) is required, along with the beneficiary’s information, (beneficiary name, complete account number, etc.).
    • Premier America does not have a Swift Number, only a Routing or ABA number.
    • Foreign wires can be received in U.S. Dollars only.
    • Wires sent from banks in foreign countries should use their correspondent bank or branch in the United States as the intermediary bank to send to Premier America Credit Union.  If there is no U.S. correspondent bank or branch, please contact your branch for additional wiring instructions.
*Note: Using only your Member Number may cause your ACH transaction to be returned. 
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